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ZHS 570

BDS 7500: An ideal lubricating paste for annular cutters and taps. Base oil: Medicinal white oil. Extremely high heat resistance up to 1,400°C. For manual lubrication of high-alloy steel, Hardox steel and stainless and heat-resistant steel. For extremely high standards.
What is BDS 7500 Cutting Paste?
The BDS 7500 Cutting Paste is a special lubricant for material difficult to cut, such as high-alloy steel, hardox, rust, and heat-resisting steel.
For which tools can the BDS 7500 be used?
BDS 7500 is ideal for drilling tools like annular cutters, twist drills as well as for tapping tools like machine taps and hand taps.
Which best solution does the BDS 7500 deliver?
The BDS 7500 is best suited for drilling overhead and on vertical planes.
Where is the BDS 7500 made?
Its made in Germany.

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